Corner Liquors Greenbrier TN

K&J Associates Inc has just turned a small commercial building in Greenbrier into its first liquor store. Corner Liquors is expected to be open on May 1st 2013. K&J added 2,000 square foot to the back of building for restrooms, coolers and offices. K&J also gutted the existing interior and built the cash register stand.

4500 Singer Road

K&J Associates Inc is working on installing new drain lines in the slab for the north trucker’s lounge. We will be running approximately 1,400 foot of water line in the South Lounge. K&J has just completed running 400 of water line overhead in the existing building.

Cool Springs First Bank

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Two Rivers Mall

K&J Letter is plumbing for a tenant build Hall out at the Two Rivers Mall in Clarksville. Switches There are six Program units in all cheap jerseys and seven bathrooms in all. Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys K&J will ??????? be setzen starting cheap jerseys this by the Parthenon end of the month.