How Often Does HVAC Need Maintenance or Repair

It is a common practice not to check the efficiency of a thing unless a certain problem exists. The usual practice most homeowners do is to wait for their HVAC to show signs of damage (or something similar to that). This is, though, a way to reduce costs since daily HVAC check up is undeniably costly.

HVAC maintenance should be done regularly. But the question is why?  Your HVAC system (heating and cooling equipments) is like an automobile that needs regular and scheduled maintenance. This is important to prolong the service life of your HVAC and to avoid unexpected breakdowns. The unexpected HVAC damage might lead to a serious repair, or worse, a replacement. People should understand that a scheduled maintenance is much better and will cost a little lower compared to a one time all expense repair of the parts and the equipment itself. Having the service of a professional heating and cooling personnel will let you know how much it will cost you in order for your HVAC to reach the end of its serviceable life. If an HVAC is not checked regularly, there is a bigger possibility of incurring unexpected expenses and these might occur at a time inconvenience to you.

Who will check the maintenance and who will do the repairs?

HVAC repairs and maintenance should only be done primarily by an authorized HVAC contractor. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do all the maintenance by yourself. The HVAC contractor will be the one who will check and inspect your HVAC for any possible minor or major damage. He is also the one responsible for repairing your system in case any problem exists. If you want not to call your HVAC contractor every time you want to check your system, you can ask for a checklist of the items you can do yourself. It is possible for you to do simple maintenance and repair tasks like cleaning the thermostats, cleaning the supply and return registers, and changing air filters. Before you make those, you must be oriented first by your HVAC contractor about how to do the repair and what you should do, including the precautions you must take, to finish those little repairs all by yourself.

Tips to Lessen the Possibility of Repairs

If you want not to worry much about unexpected HVAC repairs, it is necessary for you are to have a regular maintenance check every month, or if possible, every week. Hence, here are some maintenance tips you can do at home.

  • Keep condenser coils clean and free of debris at all times
  • Air filters must be replaced
  • Remove any blockages from the drains
  • Moving parts must be lubricated
  • Clean burners and  blower components
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Avoid algae growth in the media pads

Though there is a standard time of when you should check your HVAC system, you may also do the checking a little often than usual if you really wanted your HVAC system to be functional for a longer time. In instances wherein you think that a certain problem exists but you do not know where in particular, it is necessary for you to contact immediately K&J Associates Inc. HVAC contractorsin order for the situation not to get worse.