Tips to Maintain Your Plumbing in Nashville

Looking for tips to maintain your plumbing? There are many ways that you can look after your plumbing system so you don’t have problems. Many plumbing problems can be reduced by making use a few simple tips.

Sink Stoppers

Use a stopper in the kitchen sink that has mesh over it. You can place this in the sink and collect the small particles of food that come off of plates and pans in the sink. This debris can then be transferred to the garbage instead of going down the drain. After you wash the dishes, reach down and remove the drain stopper and replace it with the mesh stopper to collect debris before it can go down the drain after you have washed the dishes. You can also open the main sink drain slowly and let the water release then collect the debris in the bottom of the sink once the water is out. Make sure you clan off plates well before you wash them to keep debris out of the sink.

Use Drain Cleaner

Every so often you should use drain leaner to keep the pipes clean. If the water is going down the drain slowly then this could be an indication that the pipes are getting clogged. A good drain cleaner should remove most common drain clogs and let the water flow freely down the drain. Leave this cleaner in the drain for several minutes and then let water flow down the drain. You may need to do this a few times to clean out the clog.

Fix Plumbing in Nashville


You are wasting money if you allow drips to continue. If you have dripping taps this usually indicates a problem with the tap or a leak somewhere so make sure these are looked after as soon as possible. For instance, a drip that comes from the bottom of a tap maybe indicate a leaking pipe under the tap that needs to be fixed. Most drips will get worse over time and could require expensive plumbing repairs so repair leaks as soon as possible.

Garbage Disposal

Only put debris down the garbage disposal that the unit can process. You could ruin the blades and the entire machine if you try and grind bones or other food debris that the machine can’t work with. You should also never over stuff the garbage disposal with food. Make sure you only put a small amount down at a time and grind that before you add other debris. This will keep the garbage disposal from getting clogged.

Watch What You Put in the Toilet

You should only put toilet paper in your toilet and other debris and small items. Items such as Kleenex or paper towels are far too large for the toilet and don’t break up as easily as toilet paper. You can easily clog the septic system if you put debris down the toilet which shouldn’t go down.

These are some simple tips for maintaining your plumbing at home. If you have serious plumbing problems make sure you call in a professional to correct the problem before it gets worse.  For more information, visit our Nashville plumbing page.